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' सत्य के ग्रहण करने और असत्य के छोड़ने में सर्वदा उघत रहना चाहिए |'
"...a teacher of monotheism, a preacher of uinity of man, a crusader against capitalism spiritualty.."

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Dr.Sunil Kumar
D.A.V Barora Dhanbad

Principal Desk

I am extremely happy to launch the school’s website officially, it is a matter of pride that now DAV Barora has its own Website and the school can be visited or internet by the people around the globe. In this age of fast growing technology it has become inevrtable to fulfill the demand of the present generation. The Website of this school will help the students and their parents to have a better liasen with the school. They can get information regarding fee, notice, examination, etc only on the click of a button.